Philly CheeseSteak Sliders

• 3 packs of the great value hawaiian rolls
• 2 packs philly steak
• 1 green bell pepper
• 1 onion
• 1 pack of provolone cheese
• cheese dip
1. Dice up your onion & pepper.
2. Cook your meat in a skillet & season it to your liking.
3. Once the meat it cooked, combine it w/ the pepper & onion.
4. Cut your hawaiian rolls in half. & place the bottom half in a baking pan.
5. Add provolone cheese to the bottom half.
6. Spread your meat all around.
7. Add cheese dip to the top.
8. Place on the top half of your hawaiian rolls.
9. Add butter to top of rolls.
10. Bake @350 for 8min.

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